Top 20 Content Marketing Tools in 2024 

Have you ever tried looking for something in common among the top brands? The answer will always point out great content marketing tools and strategies. A well-loved brand is also well-strategised. Only then will it be able to keep its audience engaged while providing value. Although setting up and managing a digital marketing campaign might be challenging, it can be improved with the right tools. 

Here are 20 content marketing tools for 2024 that will completely change your marketing game using high-quality content, visuals, and SEO practices to turn leads into customers. 

Tools for Content Writing, Editing & Assistance 

Content marketing

1. Grammarly for Proofreading & Plagiarism Checking 

Grammarly home page content marketing tools

Grammarly is a wonderful content marketing software for anyone who is writing content. In digital marketing, Grammarly looks out for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and eliminates them, making content look more polished and professional.  

The best part is that it doesn’t end here; it also consists of a plagiarism checker and AI writing assistant, which takes your writing game to the next level. A Plagiarism Checker evaluates the uniqueness and authenticity of a piece of content, while an AI writing assistant helps you avoid writer’s block while keeping the content accurate and relatable. 

  • Ratings: 4.1/5, as per Google Play Store. 
  • PROS 
  1. Suggest improvements for vocabulary and sentence structure. 
  1. Makes the tone clearer. 
  1. Compatible extension with Google Docs, MS Word, email, and social media applications. 
  1. Offers AI assistance. 
  • CONS 
  1. Some suggestions can change the tone and make it sound like AI. Thus, all suggestions should be thoroughly overviewed. 
  • Pricing: Free basic plan available. Premium plans start at $12 per month. Business plans start at $15 per member per month.

2. ChatGPT for AI Assistance 

ChatGPT content marketing tools

ChatGPT is an AI assistant tool that provides virtual assistance for various writing and visual tasks. ChatGPT’s free version works as a basic AI assistant that generates responses related to content as per prompts. However, the premium versions have much more to offer. With an image generation and attachment option, it not only produces AI-generated images but also accepts text, images, data, and code file formats. 

  • Ratings: 4.6/5; as per Google Play Store 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers great help in ideation and research. 
  1. Interact and personalise the content as instructed.  
  1. Efficient handling of multiple interactions thus is scalable from business perspectives. 
  1. Can update its own memory for future responses.  
  • CONS 
  1. Can have plagiarised responses. 
  1. Accuracy is questionable. 
  1. Struggles with complex contexts and human emotions.  
  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Free at $0, Plus at $20/month per user (billed yearly), or Team at $25/month per user (billed yearly). 

You may want to explore Chatgpt’s content creation cheat sheet

3. Hemingway for Editing 

Hemingway home page content marketing tools

Hemingway Editor is a great content marketing software tool for making content more engaging and clearer. It highlights errors and long and complex sentences that hinder readability. It grades your writing based on aspects like readability and understanding, ensuring that content is understood by the common people. It’s a great way to shape your tone in a way that it’s direct and impactful. Hemingway polishes your words to help you better connect with your audience, whether you’re writing a blog article or perfecting a sales pitch. 

  • Ratings: 4.4/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Analyse and rate the readability of the content sentence-wise. 
  1. Offers feedback on complex sentences. 
  1. Available on a desktop version and can be used offline. 
  • CONS 
  1. Focuses on readability and style rather than grammar and spell check. 
  1. All suggestions aren’t for all writing types. 

For example, oversimplification may not be included in every type of document. 

  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Free at $0, Individual 5k plan at $10, or Team 10k plan at $15.  

4. Buzzsumo for New Ideas 

Buzzsumo home page content marketing tools

Buzzsumo is an effective tool for content marketers who want to find trending content that appeals to consumers and capitalises on popular subjects. It lets you look for the most popular content on social media sites by using domains or keywords. This expertise is extremely helpful as it enables you to understand what is and is not currently catching attention. It’s particularly helpful for coming up with original concepts that are likely to be popular, making sure your writing is fresh and fascinating. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Provide comprehensive content-related insights. 
  1. Offers alert when selected keywords are mentioned.  
  1. Identifies the best influencer marketing strategies.  
  • CONS 
  1. Can be expensive for small businesses. 
  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Contact Creation at $199/month, PR & Comms at $299/month, Suite at $499/month or Enterprise at $999/month.  

5. Copyleaks for AI Detection 

Copyleaks home page content marketing tools

Copyleaks is one of the top content marketing tools that helps check the content’s uniqueness and humanness. In a highly competitive market where generating content is very easy, keeping its authenticity is tough. Using valuable human-written content helps foster deep trust in the audience’s mind. Copyleaks scan evaluates your text and provides an analysis showing which part exactly contains AI-generated texts. If it’s a human text, free from AI content, it shows “this is human text.” 

  • Ratings: 4.4/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers exceptional AI detection, which ensures content authenticity. 
  1. Scans a wide database to detect potential copyright issues. 
  1. Supports various file formats. 
  • CONS 
  1. Detailed reports can be hard to interpret. 
  • Pricing: AI Detector, Plagiarism Detection, and AI + Plagiarism Detection start at $7.99/month, $8.99/month and $13.99 per month, respectively. 

6. Wordable for Uploading on WordPress 

Wordable home page content marketing tools

Wordable is one of the best content marketing tools in 2024, and it is designed to publish content from Google Docs to WordPress. It makes it easier for people who create content using Google Docs to publish their work on WordPress websites. It acts as a bridge between Google Docs and WordPress, allowing you to move your documents, complete with all the formatting and images, directly into your WordPress site as a post or page.  

The main use of Wordable is to save time and effort. Wordable automates this process, preserving the layout, images, and formatting of your documents. This means you can spend less time on technical adjustments and more time on creating content. It’s particularly useful for bloggers, content marketers, and businesses that need to update their websites regularly, helping them maintain a consistent and professional online presence.  

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Exports Google Docs directly to WordPress, saving efforts and time. 
  1. Retains the original format from the exported file. 
  1. A simple interface makes it highly user-friendly. 
  • CONS 
  1. Full functionality is unlocked with a paid subscription only. 
  • Pricing: Basic at $29/year, Premium at $149/year, or Business at $349/year. 

Tools for SEO Analysis & Research 


1. SEMrush for SEO Research  

Semrush home page content marketing tools

SEMrush is one of the highly convenient content marketing platforms that is used for SEO research. It is built to assist marketers to optimise their websites and find valuable keywords to enhance the overall search engine rankings. Just like a website that keeps track of your health record, SEMrush keeps track of your website’s health by checking backlinks, tracking rankings and many other features. 

It also offers a detailed analysis of your competitor’s strategies, including the keywords they’re ranking for, the way they run ad campaigns, and overall helps you write SEO content that ranks and achieve the desired SEO goals effectively. 

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers features like SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media analytics.  
  1. Offers valuable insights into competitive strategies. 
  1. Includes advanced keyword research and tracking tools 
  • CONS 
  1. Can be costly for individuals or small enterprises. 
  • Pricing: Basic at $129.95/year, Guru at $249.95/year, or Business at $499.95/year.  

2. Google Trends for Keyword Research 

Google Trends home page content marketing tools

Google Trends provides valuable insights into the trending search results across various regions. It helps you understand people’s interests and how search interest changes during different times of the year or during various events. It’s particularly useful for marketers and content creators who want to stay ahead of the curve by knowing the trending keywords and topics beforehand. 

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers insights into the latest trends and search results. 
  1. Accessible for free of cost. 
  1. Compares various search terms and analyse trends. 
  • CONS 
  1. Offers trends rather than keywords. 
  1. Offers insights only about popularity and not search volumes.  
  • Pricing: Free

3. Ahrefs for Optimising Website 

Ahrefs home page content marketing tools

Ahrefs is an essential content marketing tool for SEO and website optimisation. With Ahrefs, you can conduct comprehensive research, evaluate those competitors, and look after your backlink game. These help you know which page is performing best on the website. 

Ahrefs is one of the best content marketing software tools that can enhance your content strategy as it helps figure out the existing content gaps and the opportunities to fill them up.  

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Capterra India 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers a complete solution for keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, and backlink tracking. 
  1. Provides reliable backlink databases. 
  1. Easily accessible for both beginners and advanced users. 
  • CONS 
  1. More expensive than most of the other SEO tools. 
  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Lite at $129/month, standard at $249/month, Advanced at $449/month, or Enterprise at $14990/year per user (billed yearly). Start using with Trello today! 

4. Google Analytics for Performance Report 

Google Analytics home page content marketing tools

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you understand how people interact with your website. It tells you where your visitors come from, how long they stay, and what they do on your site. You can see if they’re buying something or which pages they like the most. It also gives insights into who your visitors are by showing their age, gender, and location.  

This helps you tailor your content and marketing strategies more effectively. You can even see how your site performs on mobile devices and set up custom reports to track specific goals, making it easier to see how well your online efforts are working in real-time. 

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Capterra 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers detailed insights about website traffic, user behaviour and conversion metrics. 
  1. Integrates with Google Ads, Console, etc. 
  • CONS 
  1. Complex for beginners. 
  • Pricing: Free 

5. Google Search Console for Monitoring Organic Traffic 

Google Search Console home page content marketing tools

Google Search Console is a tool that helps you understand how your website ranks in Google searches. It shows which search terms bring people to your site, how often they click on your links, and how high you rank in search results. It also alerts you to any problems that might keep your site from performing well, like errors or security issues.  

By using this tool, you can make sure your site shows up better in Google searches and fix any issues to improve your site’s visibility. 

  • Ratings: 4.8/5; as per GetApp 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers an overview of how your website appears to Google through search traffic, performance, and indexing status. 
  1. Makes you aware of issues on your site related to indexing, security and manual penalties 
  1. Available at free of cost. 
  • CONS 
  1. Data is available only for up to the last 16 months (not sufficient for long-term trend analysis). 
  • Pricing: Free

Tools for Content Management 

Content Management

1. HubSpot for Management & Automation 

HubSpot Free CRM Service page content marketing tools

HubSpot is your buddy who manages and automates multiple business operations. It blends all marketing, sales, and customer service tools into one platform, making it simpler to monitor each customer’s interactions.  

With HubSpot, automation of repetitive tasks, organisation of contacts and delivery of various campaigns are at the fingertips. Not only this, but it also brings leads and converts them into customers, all while offering detailed analysis. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5; as per Capterra 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers features like CRM, sales, marketing and customer service, making it an all-in-one solution. 
  1. Compatible with various third-party applications. 
  1. Has automation features that improve marketing workflows. 
  • CONS 
  1. Can be expensive for small businesses that don’t utilise all the features. 
  • Pricing: Professional and Enterprise Customer Platform plans start at $1,080 per month and $4,000 per month, respectively.   

2. WordPress for Publication & Management 

WordPress home page content marketing tools

WordPress is a versatile content marketing platform for publishing and managing content. It’s popular for its ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to create and manage websites of all types, from personal blogs to complex business sites.  

With WordPress, you can easily add and update content, customise your site with themes and plugins, and manage user roles and permissions. It also offers robust SEO tools to help enhance your site’s visibility and attract more traffic. 

  • Ratings: 8.5/10; as per Trust Radius 
  • PROS 
  1. It is beginner-friendly, with thousands of customisation options, like themes and plugins. 
  1. Offers great SEO capabilities that can be enhanced with plugins like Yoast SEO. 
  1. Working with the backend, editing, and uploading is easy for admins and editors. 
  1. Best for creating and managing responsive websites with any prior knowledge of website management needed.  
  • CONS 
  1. Frequent target of hackers as it’s very popular. 
  1. May slow down with multiple plugins. 
  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Free at $0, Starter at $9, Explorer at $18, creator at $40 and entrepreneur at 70$. 

3. Asana for Tracking & Communication

Asana home page content marketing tools

Asana is a project management tool that excels in tracking tasks and facilitating communication within teams. It helps organise projects, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and update the task status. With its user-friendly interface, Asana ensures that everyone stays on the same page, enhancing teamwork and efficiency. It’s ideal for managing multiple projects at once, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly and keep track of progress in real time. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5; as per Getapp 
  • PROS 
  1. Offers comprehensive project management functionalities. 
  1. Compatible with various third-party tools. 
  1.  Provides a complete overview of projects, timelines, and responsibilities. 
  1. Strong security protocols to secure data. 
  • CONS 
  1. Lacks customer relationship management features. 
  1. Necessitate the use of additional software by exporting files in formats like JSON and CSV. 
  • Pricing: Free plan available. Starter and Advanced plans start at $10.99 per month and $24.99 per month, respectively.  

4. Trello for Managing Projects 

Trello home page content marketing tools

Trello is like that one person who knows it all and is an all-rounder. It can flexibly use boards, lists and cards to help teams visualise the tasks and prioritise accordingly. The platform allows the users to create extensive project timelines, assign tasks, set deadlines and track progress.  Trello is a favourite choice in corporate for everything from simple to-do lists to complex project management across various industries. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5; as per Capterra 
  • PROS 
  1. Being highly responsive, it is easily accessible from a laptop, mobile or tablet. 
  1. The notification system is highly reliable as it informs about every action. 
  1. Pricing is very budget-friendly. 
  1. Includes digital note-taking, which makes it eco-friendly as well. 
  1. The interface is very user-friendly. 
  • CONS 
  1. Lacks advanced project management features such as time tracking, complete reporting tools, etc. 
  1. A little challenging for beginners and non-technical users. 
  • Pricing: Free at $0, standard at $5/month (billed yearly), Premium at $10/month per user (billed yearly), or Enterprise at $17.50/month per user (billed yearly).  

Tools for Visualisation & Graphics Creation 

A graphic saying Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide.

1. Canva for Designing Graphics 

Canva home page content marketing tools

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that helps both professionals and newbies create stunning visual content. It offers a vast library of templates, images, and design elements that make it easier to create graphics for social media, presentations, posters, and more. Canva’s drag-and-drop feature ensures that anyone can design beautiful graphics without advanced design skills, making it an invaluable tool for quick and effective visual content creation. 

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Getapp 
  • PROS 

1. Has a vast template library. 

2. The free version is also highly comprehensive in terms of features. 

3. Multiple users can work as a team. 

4. Has drag and drop feature. 

5. Premium users can customise any brand kit and play with the elements. 

6. Has an inbuilt stock image library 

  • CONS 
  1. Has limited advanced features when compared to tools like Adobe Illustrator. 
  1. Limited export file format options. 
  • Pricing:  Canva has a free plan with some limits. Paid plans start at $ 14.99 per month for one person. 

2. Venngage for Data Visualisation 

Venngage home page content marketing tools

Venngage is a user-friendly tool that helps you turn complicated data into clear, attractive infographics. It’s perfect for anyone sharing data visually, from business reports to social media posts. With lots of templates to choose from, Venngage makes it easy to visualise data that makes your graphics pop and convey your message effectively. 

  • Ratings: 4.7/5; as per Getapp 
  • PROS 
  1. Creates best infographics with easily customisable templates. 
  1. Has a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. 
  1. Visual elements like icons, charts, and graphs are available. 
  1. Highly cost-effective. 
  • CONS 
  1. There is no free plan. 
  1. Lacks certain advanced features. 
  • Pricing: Choose the plan that fits your needs: Free at $0, Premium at $10/month per user (billed yearly), or Business at $24/month per user (billed yearly). Start creating stunning visuals with Venngage today!

3. MidJourney for AI-generated Art 

MidJourney home page content marketing tools

MidJourney is an AI tool for creating high-quality digital art that is accessible to both professionals and amateurs. It inspires creativity in digital marketing, content creation, and entertainment by generating unique visuals, illustrations, and designs, democratising art creation without requiring extensive artistic skills. 

  • Ratings: 4.49/5; as per Product Hunt 
  • PROS: 
  1. Easy to use for both professionals and amateurs. 
  1. Offers a wide range of styles and concepts. 
  1. Quickly generates high-quality art. 
  1. Useful in digital marketing, content creation, and entertainment. 
  • CONS: 
  1. May lack the nuance and emotional depth of art created by human artists. 
  • Pricing:  Basic at $10/month, Standard at $30/month per user (billed yearly), or Pro at $60/month. 

4. Adobe Firefly for AI-powered Creative Content 

Adobe Firefly home page content marketing tools

Adobe Firefly is an AI tool that enhances creative content creation. It automates tasks like image editing, graphic design, and video production, enabling professionals and amateurs to quickly produce high-quality visuals and multimedia, fostering creativity and efficiency in digital marketing and content creation. 

  • Ratings: 4.6/5; as per G2 
  • PROS: 
  1. Speeds up creative processes. 
  1. Accessible to both professionals and amateurs. 
  1. Produces professional-grade visuals and multimedia. 
  1. Useful for image editing, graphic design, and video production. 
  1. Encourages innovative content creation. 
  • CONS: 
  1. This may limit user control over intricate details and personal artistic touches. 
  • Pricing:  Adobe Firefly has a free plan with some limits. Paid premium plans start at $4.99 per month.

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